About Us

The story of Peoplegogo starts with Pavel Tashev and the book "Collaborative Consumption - What's Mine is Yours". In summary the book says that in the near future people around the world will want and also they will be forced to work together uniting their efforts. They will want it because the technologies will make that process much easier compared to any time before in our history. And they will be forced because for good or bad the human kind will face certain issues like pollution, limited resources and many others. The solution will be in the hands of people and in the cooperative work.

Pavel Tashev was inspired by this concept because it resonated with him and his desire to do things which help others. A good example is another platform developed by him - Schoodle. An online platform where teachers and parents can work together and improve the quality of the education process.

Here is what he says about his inspiration:

"I realised that people are the foundation of all things, big or small done by humanity. We as individuals are the building blocks, because of our skills and ideas. And the more we share these skills and ideas with others, the more we will come up with new ideas, new inventions and the more we can be inspired. That will be the moment when we will understand that as a community we can combine our efforts and resources and the unbelievable can become possible.

Working together - that is the answer."

That's how Peoplegogo was started by the founder Pavel Tashev. Its essence is that people can make an impact on society when they work together as a group. And the goal is to connect people and to give them the tools to cooperate for social campaigns that can make a positive impact on society and improve the life of the people around us.

Later on Stoyan Stanchev joins the team as an Enthusiast Senior Front-End Developer.

We believe in what we do and we will make it better and better with each single step.

Let’s do something together.


Pavel Tashev

Founder, Software Developer

Stoyan Stanchev

Enthusiast Senior Front-End Developer