Frequently Asked Questions

Peoplegogo is absolutely free of any charge or contract if you are a UK-registered non-profit entity. Also, any personal or contact information will be never shared with 3rd parties and/or used for marketing purposes. All you need is the time to post your campaign and manage any request you might receive.
Any commercial entity can register and use the platform for free. Businesses who apply to help in a social campaign do not get limited or charged, however, Peoplegogo might ask for admin fees or suggest optional services that can be purchased. In any case, Businesses are free to choose if they want any additional service or not without limiting their ability to apply to any campaign.
No, subscribing an account on Peoplegogo does not commit you to anything big, just like your personal Facebook or Twitter account our terms and conditions cover all of the standard usage policies of any other free-to-use website. Additional terms and conditions will be requested only in the case you want to manage donations through Peoplegogo or purchase any of our services (like for example you do when you buy an app for your phone for the first time).
Yes, everytime a campaign is published our machine will automatically suggest your campaign to relevant people whenever it sees a match. However, any detail about your specific campaign or organization will never be mentioned outside the campaign or profile page itself. For example, we might send an email to our user base saying "A new campaign needs your help" that links to your page or our explore page. Another example, our ambassadors might contact business or privates suggesting there is something interesting they would probably like to help, but they will find out only once the land on your profile or campaign page.
Absolutely yes, you can use Peoplegogo like any other fundraising platform, campaign pages are on public domain and you can share the urls to invite anybody to contribute as you like. What's different? Our website is costantly supported by promotion, so, potentially, you might receive offers without doing anything yourself from the moment you post your campaign.
We will never limit or make profits on any relations within a campaign and a supporter. We make profits passively, through advertising on the platform for example or by offering additional services to supporters. Also, no-profit organizations have the option to take over our services for us if they want to, in that case any revenue from the sale is given to the organization minus its admin costs.