How it works


The ideas are simply ideas we have in mind published and visible by anyone who visits Peoplegogo. Ideas which can bring a positive impact on society if they become real.

It works quite simple. You create your idea, you share it and people who like it will follow it.

You can discuss things with each other, improve the idea and take decisions together.

How exactly that will happen depends on how you manege the process.

The reason you publish your idea is that if you keep it to yourself, no one will know about it and most probably you will never see it actually become something bigger.

Publish your idea, say to the world what you want to do and you may be surprised that there are people around you who want the same thing.

Add Your Idea


If the idea is the planning stage of a project, the activity is the moment when we act bringing a real impact on society.

The activity is a real project which we are confident is not just an idea but that is built on solid foundations and people will support it by contributing their skills, money and time.

It's very simple. Describe what you want to achieve and what you need to achieve it. Share it, speak about it and attract people and resources. Reach your goal.

Start Your Activity