Peoplegogo is focused on social and volunteering campaigns. It helps organizations and individuals to bring positive social change by funding their campaigns and also by finding people who want to volunteer their own time and skills.

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For organisations, companies and individuals

Everyone can start their own campaign on Peoplegogo. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), companies and individuals who want to bring a positive social impact on society and run their own volunteering campaigns are welcome to Peoplegogo.

Anything from planting trees, helping orangutans in South America to have a sustainable environment, cleaning your neighbourhood and so on.

You don't need to build a website, implement payment modules and think of how to manage the crowdfunding process. Peoplegogo provides you an end to end solution.


People who are inspired by a new idea which helps society can fund it. It is up to the campaign organisers to define how much they need.

If the campaigns do not reach their goals, no one is charged. Funding on Peoplegogo is all-or-nothing.

People can help with their own time and skills

People can participate in campaigns and help not only with money but also with their own time and skills by volunteering or simply by getting rewards for their efforts.

Helping a campaign is more than just giving someone money and your own time. It's supporting their dream to do something valuable for the society, people and the world.

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